Monday, July 26, 2010

English Conversation

Everyday English
Improve English through everyday English listening and English conversation.

I have written a detailed book English conversation for all occasions, to learn English as Foreign Language. These tutorials on English Conversation have been prepared from my well known book English conversation for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to practice English.
English Conversation for All Occasions is a unique spoken English book of its kind, specially written to help Indian students. A quick look at the titles of the lessons would convince the reader that the book has been prepared by visualizing all types of situational conversations, which he may confront in his daily activities. Whether one converses with his family members or moves about to mix in society, he will not feel tongue-tied for want of appropriate words or expressions. In a post office or barber’s shop, at a hotel or taxi stand, every person who has read this book, will be able to speak English fluently and with confidence.

Good knowledge and satisfactory conversation drill is important in English speaking. These tutorials would not only prove an asset to the reader speak English fluently in his daily life, but also on special occasions like interviews for jobs, etc. He would be able to face the interviewers with equanimity and confidence.

All the lessons have been designed in a programmed fashion. Word-meanings, Phrases and exercises have been added at the end of every lesson to help the students master the topics.

All the lessons should be read along, not once but many times, so that the conversation comes easy to the reader when he faces spoken English situations. The author would feel rewarded for his labours, if the book helps men and women to face social relations with confidence.

This Tutorial should help all those readers who find difficulty in speaking fluent English as well as pronunciation. This blog will be completed in 45 tutorials.

I am planning to convert this whole blog into a audio visual course. Any donation to finance this project, through PAYPAL, is welcome.

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